Why use Precision Crane & Hoist Services?

We offer a wide range of services at competitive pricing.  Our services include Overhead Crane & Hoist Services, Mobile Crane & Aerial Device Services, Crane Manufacturer Services, Complete Fleet Services, Fabrication & Machining, Fluid Power/Machine Shop Services, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Hydraulic Pump Repair and Electric Motor Repair.

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Overhead Cranes & Hoists

Overhead Cranes & Hoists
We offer a wide range of crane and hoist repair and maintenance services.

Mobile & Aerial Cranes

Mobile & Aerial Cranes
Everything from inspections, repair and load testing to tower crane certification.

Crane Manufacturers

Crane Manufacturers
We manufacture for top brands including Ace, Black Bear Hoist, Budgist/CM/Chester/Yale & more.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services
Services include brakes, clutches, suspensions, drive trains, electrical, interior/exterior and more.


Overhead Crane & Hoist Services

We offer inspections, certifications, load testing/NDI testing, upgrades/modernization, remote controls, variable frequency drives, preventative maintenance, new bridge crane ales, gantry/jib crane sales, monorail systems, crane installations and certified welding services.


We offer OSHA compliance inspections/certifications for California and Nevada.  We offer load testing, 24 hour emergency support, dielectric testing, non-destructive testing, tower crane certification, field repair service, hydraulic repairs, PAT system repairs, Onan generator repairs, boom repairs and DOT testing.

We Build & Service for Top Industry Brands

We provide Acco material handling, manufacture for Ace World Companies, Black Bear Hoist, Budgit/CM/Chester/Yale, Caldwell/CV Transtation, Conductix/Insul-8, Demag/Duct-o-wire, Electromotive/Magnetek, Enrange Remote Controls, Harrington Hoists, Power Electronics, Shawbox/Spanco, R&M Hoists and Gorbel.

Complete Fleet Services

We offer a full range of fleet services including brakes, clutches, air conditioning, suspension, drive train, oil changes/PM services, battery repair/replacement, electrical repair, interior/exterior repairs and Onan Generator Service/Repair.

Our Services

1. Maintenance & Repair

Our company and reputation has been built on a long history of customer service and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2005, our team has over 50+ years of combined experience in delivering quality crane & hoist services.


We provide OSHA compliance inspections, tower crane certification, load testing, dielectric testing, non-destructive testing, California/Nevada OSHA certifications, DOT testing and more.

We deliver every industry service for your overhead, mobile and aerial crane and hoisting needs.

3. Fabrication & Machining

We provide all types of welding and machine repair services, certified welding in the field, field machining on site, crane fabrication, cylinder manufacturing and onsite assembly of OEM machines.


We are equipped with a full service rebuild and machine shop, Tuxco hydraulic machine, 40,000 ft/lb capability, cylinder repair/fabrication equipment, perform in-house barrel honing, offer custom cylinder fabrication, provide hydraulic oil filtering services, hydraulic pump repair, bailer/compactor field repair, line boring and power unit design/fabrication.


Partners & Affiliates

Working directly with industry leaders.

Company News

We offer a full range of maintenance, repair, inspection, certification and manufacturing services for overhead, mobile and aerial cranes and hoisting devices.